Device classifications according to detection systems technology

The expert Center for gold and metal detector technologies is one of the largest centers in the Middle East specialized in the field of “metal detectors and groundwater” technology, in addition to detecting pipes, electrical cables and everything related to underground construction processes.the expert Center has always been one of the pioneers of gold and treasure detectors, as it is concerned with keeping up with the latest metal and groundwater devices.

Long-range search system:

Gold and metal detectors which operate with a long-range search system are a revolution in the world of detection and exploration devices, as they provide the ability to scan large distances and great depths simultaneously in record time.


Ionic detection system:

One of the most advanced and accurate search systems, the ionic detection system works by those the ionic fields formed by precious metals and buried treasures with high accuracy and reaching great depths that other devices cannot reach.


Electromagnetic detection system:

The Electromagnetic detection system for gold and precious metals is characterized by its ease of use and suitability for adventure amateurs and professionals alike, as well as its great effectiveness and flexibility for use in various environments.


Geophysical Survey System:

This system works by measuring the electrical resistance of the soil. Then it analyzes the readings and detects water and precious metals in the ground.


Ground Imaging System:

Gold and treasure detectors which operate on the ground imaging system are among the most accurate detection and exploration devices, as they work to take electromagnetic images of targets in the ground and then analyze these images and display them clearly and understandably.

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